Some design enthusiasts think that modern minimalist living room design is a fleeting trend that will eventually fade into nothing more than a fad, yet others recognize the fact that the upcoming generations’ strict adherence to the mantra “less is more” make this design philosophy more a reflection of the times in which we live. Just as new products, services, and technologies strive to simplify our lives the modern minimalist room living room design movement adds a personal touch to an uncomplicated lifestyle by bringing this attitude into our homes. It is for this reason that many feel that the modern minimalist living room design is simply a further example of humans adapting to their environment.

How Can You Recognize Modern Minimalist Living Room Design?

Characteristics of modern minimalist living room design that are common across the design aesthetic are monochromatic color palettes and simple furnishings in scant basic colors with clean lines. A modern minimalist living room design eschews walls to define spatial boundaries opting instead to define the space with the expert placement of minimal amounts of simple furnishings. An open floor plan indicates a true modern minimalist living room design where one large open living space perhaps consists of the living room, dining room, and kitchen with each space defined by furnishings rather than traditional room transitions. Though these rooms co-exist in one open space, each is defined by the style of design and furniture elements which indicate the actual function of this portion of the space.

Does Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Evoke a Feeling?

As stated in the previous paragraph, modern minimalist living room design exists in a spacious and open area free of items unnecessary to the overall design aesthetic. Non-essential furnishings are considered distractions that do not compliment the design of the space. An unintended advantage of this philosophy for the homeowner is an overall feeling of calm, stress-free relaxation as the removal of unnecessary items provides fewer sensory diversions.

How Does Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Appear?

Simplicity is the key to this design style, and the key to pulling it off is to make a design statement with as few items as possible. Foregoing the traditional couch, opting instead for two contemporary club chairs and an understated coffee table establishes a very simple yet functional look. In short, the modern minimalist living room design looks simple and uncluttered yet does not appear that anything is missing from the space.

How Do You Decorate in Modern Minimalist Living Room Design?

Choose items with simple color schemes and patterns, avoiding unnecessary visual stimuli on your decorative items. Everything from area rugs to wall accents to blinds or curtains should reflect a similar design aesthetic and color palette. Intricate rug designs or patterns on accent items should be seen s visual clutter and avoided. Several ornately designed pillows will not make as powerful a statement as one pillow with a bold, solid color. Less is always more in modern minimalist living room design.

How is Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Created?

Utilize these ideas to build on what you now understand about modern minimalist living room design to bring this powerful and popular design aesthetic into your home.

  • Clear the clutter – Clutter and modern minimalist living room design cannot co-exist as this is contrary to the basic concept of minimalism. Cluttered spaces actually define polar opposition to minimalism. Clearing the clutter is necessary and beneficial to removing the stress from your home surroundings.

  • Keep surfaces clear – All surfaces in your living room, including floors and walls, should be clear of any unnecessary items. When you consider it, this can be seen as a simple extension of clearing the clutter. It’s best to start with a proverbial blank canvas upon which to create your modern minimalist living room design, and in order to stay focused on the overall design concept, keep it as blank as possible throughout the exercise.

  • Be decorative – Yes, modern minimalist living room design still leaves room for decoration. As a matter of fact, the careful and purposeful selection and placement of décor accents within the minimalist concept will serve to display your personality within the aesthetic. A few pieces of furniture and a few photos, art, or décor accessories can make a very strong impression.

  • Take a test drive – After clearing your living room of unnecessary items and creating your initial design, give it a few days. Interact with the space to see what items are there that can be removed or what items are missing that could further establish the design. Don’t be afraid to move things around to eliminate visual clutter wherever it may occur.

As a final tip, keep the following conditions in mind as you style your own modern minimalist living room design. By keeping these core concepts in mind throughout the process of perfecting your modern minimalist living room design you will begin to re-think the way you see living room design overall. You will redefine your idea of what is necessary and what is not, and you will be able to create the simple, stress free environment you desire. 

  • Quantity does not define quality.
  • The less the better.
  • Do I need this item?
  • Do I love the way this feels?

Creating the ideal modern minimalist living room design is process that is both thought provoking and rewarding. The end result will be a home design that will reward your effort each day.